Cirrus Nurse and PT Testimonials

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I just came back from my vacation to the Philippines the other day. The vacation was great! I had lots of fun with my family and I got to recharge from more than a year's work here in Baltimore.

Well, I sent you this mail just to extend my gratitude to you - Cirrus for helping us process my husband's papers to be able to follow me here in US. Thankfully, he is now with me. Thank you so much Ma'am...

Thank you so much and more power to you and Medtivia.

- Karen Abante, Sinai deployed nurse

"Thanks to Cirrus, I’m now here in the US. Northwest Hospital is a good hospital. It is not so hard to adjust because my preceptors are supportive of me. My advice to those soon to be deployed here or anywhere in the US is to make sure that they have enough experience because it will be obvious in the area if you have minimal experience. It’s not that hard to adjust especially if you have enough experience in hospital setting. Procedures are just the same only protocols differ. With God’s help, my orientation is going on smoothly. One week more and I’ll be done with my preceptorship."

- Jacqueline Ecube, Northwest Randallstown deployed nurse

Fast and efficient service. We were able to leave for the USA in 8 months time! Sinai Hospital ranks in the top 50 hospitals in the USA. "No. 1 in Advanced Orthopedics. They love to have Filipino Nurses; appreciative of our culture and good qualities. No discrimination. Work provides professional growth and is definitely financially rewarding."

"Thanks again. God Bless!!!"

- Crisalva Lee, Sinai deployed nurse

"Excellent! They put their hearts on the job, regards to all. We are doing fine here. Just had to work doubly hard but we are well compensated!"

- Tyron Tiu, Sinai deployed nurse

"Cirrus - a company that gained respect not only in the Philippines but also in the US because of their success in enhancing the knowledge and promoting excellence among certified nurses who are seeking for an opportunity to work abroad... I am so blessed that I had been given a chance to be one of those nurses; and I have been receiving the said opportunity since I was in the fourth year of my college education. This is so, for I was chosen to be one of the pilot scholars the company. Graduation was not a barrier for Cirrus continuously monitored us - scholars. Up to the time when I had my examinations taken, both the Clinical and the English departments were very keen, straight, considerate, full of knowledge and support and most of all were very empowering that boosted my determination in passing the exams. Of course none of this would've happen if not with the help of the other departments too. Right now, I passed two exams already and luckily, through the support of the different departments of Cirrus, and my perseverance, I will be able to pass the last 2 examinations, with of course the help of our God."

- Karen Tordillos, Mercy selected nurse

"It has always been my dream to become a nurse and eventually work abroad. As a first step, I took up nursing and on my junior year, Cirrus, a highly esteemed recruitment agency, offered qualified FEU students scholarships and I was lucky enough to be chosen. Everything went smooth from then on, I enjoyed incentives like free tuition fee, book allowances, semestral allowance and most of all an assured assistance of fulfilling my dream. Now, I am already selected by Mercy Hospital of Pennsylvania. With the continued help of the whole Cirrus team, I passed all necessary exams already and is just waiting for my embassy interview. Really, Cirrus made wonders in fulfilling my dreams."

- Kristeen Salayog-Tamayo, Mercy selected nurse


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