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Q: How can I join Cirrus?

A: You have to undergo a screening process which consists of the following:

  1. Initial Screening and Examination Ranking by Recruitment Personnel;
  2. Clinical Experience Evaluation and English Proficiency Evaluation by Instructors; and
  3. Completion of Documents through Recruitment Personnel.


Q: Will I get an employer immediately? How long will it take me to have an employer?

Hospital selection will depend on factors deemed important by each client facility. Priority is often placed on your work history and current employment in the field in which you are being considered.

Q: How will the prospective employer interview me?

A: Job interviews will either be through video conferencing facilities or telephone interview.

Q: How long are the work contracts?

Employment contracts are usually for two to three years.

Q: Can I choose the state in which I want to work?

A: You may state your preferences but you are only given two chances to refuse an interview with a prospective employer.

Q: Is there a sign-on bonus upon deployment?

A: A sign-on bonus depends on the employment package provided by your hospital employer in the United States. All benefits will be stipulated in the work contract between you and your U.S. employer.

U.S. Licensure

Q: What are the U.S. licensure requirements before I can work as a PT or nurse?

For Nurses:

The license requires TOEFL or IELTS, CGFNS, NCLEX, and for some states TSE. Upon joining the program, you can attend review sessions.

For Physical Therapists:

The license requires FCCPT Type I, NPTE and TOEFL iBT.

Q: What is the Visa Screen and what are the requirements for certification?

A: This is a screening program for healthcare professionals who are applying for immigrant visas and work permits in the United States. Cirrus handles the cost of the processing. Applicants should meet standardized criteria on education, licensure and English proficiency (IELTS, or TOEFL/TWE and TSE, or TOEIC, TWE and TSE) in order to be issued a certificate. The certification is one of the requirements needed for the approval of your immigrant visa.


Q: What kind of visa will be issued to me?

A: You will be issued either a H1-B or an EB-3 Immigrant Visa (Green Card).

Q: Can I bring my family to the United States?

Yes, you can bring your legal spouse and children below 21 years of age. However, All fees involved for the processing of their immigrant visas and deployment travel to the U.S. are not included in the program. Each candidate is expected to provide financing for their dependents.


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