File sharing is the process of making files available for other users to upload and download over the server. It is designed to be able to upload and/or download large files (e.g. files 2 MB and up) and to avoid sending large sizes of attachments via e-mail.


How to access the ONLINE FILE SHARING PORTAL: (The following steps in accessing the site applies to all affiliated companies of Anscor as of the moment, since the link of the ONLINE FILE SHARING PORTAL is not yet posted in each respective companyís website)



Step 1: Go to the company's website ( On the menu on the left, click the link FILE SHARING PORTAL. Doing so will redirect you to a new page.







Step 2: Log-in is required in the system so make sure that you have already your own username and password for you to successfully log on the system. If you donít have yet your own username and password, contact IQMANís IT department and they will give you your assigned user credentials for you to logon to the system.







Step 3: Now that you already have your user name and password you can now access the online file sharing portal and proceed in uploading / downloading files.




To upload files:



††††††††††† Step 1: Click the Upload Now link on the menu on the left.







Step 2: Fill up the needed information such as description of the file and the fileís password. Next is, click on Browse for you to locate the file you wish to upload then click on Upload.



(Note: If you wish to upload multiple files in one upload process, make sure that you put all the files in a zip file using WinZip / WinRar / or any file compressing software and then just follow the steps in uploading)







Step 3: Wait for the confirmation if the file has been successfully uploaded and the system will automatically e-mail you for the details of the uploaded file. Upon receiving the e-mail, you may forward it to your intended users that would download that file youíve uploaded. This is important since every file is password protected, thus it is essential for them to know the password of the file for them to download it.




If you want to view files:




††††††††††† Step 1: To view files, click the View Files link in the menu on the left.






Step 2: Click Select opposite the company name you wish to view.







Step 3: Click Select opposite the user name you wish to view.







††††††††††† Step 4: Now you can view the files that have been uploaded by the user.








If you want to download a file:




††††††††††† Step 1: To download a file, determine the file you want to download.






Step 2: Now that you already know on what file to download, just click Download under the Options menu.








††††††††††† Step 3: Just fill the text box with the fileís password which was given by the user who uploaded the file and click Submit.






Step 4: If youíve entered the correct password, you will be prompted whether if you want to run or save the file.







a)     If you wish to save this file to your computer, just click Save (see Fig. 1) and then a new window will pop up, then Browse to the desired location of the file then click Save (see Fig.2).




(Fig. 1)



(Fig. 2)




b)     Else, if you only wish to run or view the file, just click Run.









†††††††† To delete files:




Step 1: Log in to your account, then click on the VIEW FILES NOW link and then determine the file you want to delete.(Deletion of file is restricted to all users except for the owner of the file).







Step 2: Click Delete to proceed in deleting the file. A window will appear on your screen asking for a password. The password to be entered is the password of the user and click Submit to delete the file. Youíll be redirected to the list of files that were uploaded by the user upon deletion of the file.